North Star Terrier

Our mission

The North Star Terrier Association (NSTA) is dedicated to the promotion of and fun with all terrier breeds. Our Vision: The North Star Terrier Association (NSTA) is an AKC recognized organization that serves the Upper Midwest (Mpls/St. Paul and the surrounding areas). NSTA is dedicated to all aspects of the terrier breeds. Including but not limited, to their welfare and interests such as; conformation events, hunting, working, all performance events as well as companion activities.

The NSTA assists and provides information to terrier breeders, owners, handlers and the general public on all aspects of the terrier breeds. We encourage and promote quality dogs in all terrier breeds. The NSTA takes pride in the versatility and intelligence of the Terrier and will continue to promote the work of all conformation, companion and performance events by holding sanctioned and educational events. The NSTA will support health surveys and pertinent scientific research as well as support and promote the work of Terrier affiliated rescue groups.

All members of the NSTA are expected to follow the code of ethics and good sportsmanship when conducting themselves in all matters related to the club and the breeds represented.